Easy Nail Art: Pastel Rainbow Glitter Gradient Nails How-To Tutorial

Easy Nail Art: Pastel Rainbow Glitter Gradient Nails How-To Tutorial

Easy Nail Art: Pastel Rainbow Glitter Gradient Nails How-To Tutorial –
Check out this Glitter Nail Art Tutorial video, dont forget to tweet us your designs.

My second YouTube tutorial! This time I’ve gone with pastel rainbow gradients. For more detailed information, see nailingtons.com or below. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve tried to keep it brief but it seems that me and bfief don’t go together! Thanks for watching 🙂

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You will need:
Two or more shades of nail varnish.
A foundation sponge.
Base coat.
Top coat.
Scotch tape.

Tutorial Text Version:

I’ve started off with a nude base as this creates a nice blank canvas to work with.

1. Wrap the Scotch tape around the outside of the nails to protect the fingers from getting messy. Prepare by lining up all the nail varnishes in order and make sure their lids are unscrewed and ready to use.

2. Take the foundation sponge and paint lines of the colours in order using a decent amount of varnish. If there is too little on the sponge it will dry too quickly and stick to the nail, if there is too much on the sponge then it will risk melting the previous layers.

3. Gently dab the sponge onto the nail with a repetetive patting movement. About 3-5 dabs will do for each layer.

4. Reapply the varnish to the sponge every 3-4 fingers or whenever you feel a slight sticky resistance between the sponge and the nail.

5. Repeat until the gradient is strong enough.

If the sponge starts to stick to the nail or leaves pieces behind, reapply the layers of polish to the sponge as it’s drying out.

If the sponge is pulling off the layer below:
One of the varnishes is too runny and it’s melting the other layers – switch the varnish if possible.
The layer below is not dry enough for a second layer, wait longer and reapply.

6. Remove the Scotch tape carefully and clean around the nails using an angled or flat head nail art brush and some pure acetone. Pure acetone can melt through keyboards so please be careful if you choose to use it!

The nails do not have to be 100% dry for this next bit, 80-90% is fine.

7. Take the base coat and apply it to the nails, dragging very gently from the base of the nail to the tip in the direction of the gradient. This smooths out the nail and blends the gradient to give a more natural appearance. Remember to be gentle, otherwise you will smudge the gradient too far up.

8. Once this is dry, you can now apply the glitter coat followed by the top coat.

Varnishes used:
Classy Glassy top coat by NYC
Candy Floss by Collection 2000
Lemon Meringue by Models Own
Apple Pie by Models Own
Blueberry Muffin by Models Own
Naked Glow HyperGel by Models Own
Jack Frost glitter by Models Own.

Music credit: Mark Petrie

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