Toothpick Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Using Only a Toothpick!

Toothpick Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Using Only a Toothpick!

Toothpick Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Using Only a Toothpick! –
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Use a toothpick to make pretty nail art designs! Toothpick can be used as a dotting tool in nail art to create tons of cool nail art designs. With a toothpick, one can dot the nail polish on nails or drag it to make different nail art shapes and designs. In this DIY nail art step by step tutorial, I show 5 nail art ideas on how to create different nail designs using a toothpick and a nail polish as the only tools! I show how to create a cartoon splatter nail art design, ombre dots, animal print (leopard print), googly eyes and a vintage flower nails. All of the designs are very easy and simple to create, they are actually perfect for beginners in nail art. All of these nail designs are suitable both for long or short nails! Toothpick is a great alternative to a nail art dotting tool and it works just as great for any manicure. The best part is that almost everyone has some toothpicks at home and if not, they can be bought in any local store very cheaply!

With a toothpick, you can make either smaller or larger dots! To make larger ones, let’s learn a little toothpick tip (trick): Toothpicks normally have a very pointy end, which is great if you want to make tiny dots. But if you would like to create larger dots, simply cut one end with scissors! To make tiny dots, dot a toothpick on a piece of plastic bag after dipping it into the polish. This way the majority of polish is gone and with what is left on the toothpick you’ll be able to draw very small dots. Further, don’t worry if your toothpick is not rounded – mine has actually a triangular shape. Dip it in the polish a few times and let it dry. Your toothpick will get a perfect rounded tip!

In this DIY nail art tutorial (manicure) I show the 5 nail art ideas step by step:
– Leopard Print nails (animal print nail art) – Make a few bigger red dots on your nail, leaving some space between each. Use a combination of brown red or orange polish with a black one. The circles don’t have to be perfect as animal print is pretty much random! Outline the red dots by making some brackets and C shapes around them. This way you’ll get awesome looking rosettes. Fill empty spaces with black patches and dots. Your all time fashionable nail design is complete!
– Splatter nail design: Here we want to create an illusion of a water or a color splash. Use colors in contrast with each other for a colorful explosion (I used minty green, white and pink nail polish). To make a cute cartoon splatter nail art design, keep the ends of splashes rounded. Use a toothpick to drag or dot color splashes on your nail. Dots represent the drops! This design is just so old school, summery, fresh and unique.
– Vintage flower nail art design. Adorable design perfect for all girly girls out there. Draw and highlight flowers with different shades of the same color. Use a toothpick to draw petals and leafs next to flowers (Use shades of pink and green nail polish) . Create a 3d effect and add some dimension to your flowers by swirling the colors on your nails.
– Googly eyes nail art (cartoon eyes). This design is so much fun and it is really simple and easy to make. It is perfect for beginners! You can use it as an accent nail on your ring finger or you can paint all of your nails with googly eyes. Choose a darker background color (I used Medium blue polish) and then dot white dots. On top of them dot smaller black dots. Point black dots in the same direction to create an eyes effect!
– Ombre dots nail art (gradient dots nails). This design is super cute and colorful – perfect for spring or summer because of the bright colors. Use darker ones for fall and winter. You can use 1 or more colors for dots to create an ombre effect (I used 2: peachy orange and green nail polish). Start with making larger and more concentrated dots on the tip of the nail and make smaller and smaller ones as you move up the nail. This design is so easy, simple, and done in no time!

To seal these nail designs apply a coat of a fast drying top coat! If the darker colors tend to smear on the lighter ones when you’re applying a top coat, use more generous amount of it. Larger amount will prevent the brush bristles from pulling on the darker colors and transmitting them on lighter. You don’t have to use the same color of nail polishes as me, just use anything you have at home and the nail art designs will be just as gorgeous!

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