Animals Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs

Animals Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs

Animals Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs –
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Nail art with animals! In this nail tutorial I show 5 nail art designs inspired by animals! 5 cute animal nail art designs perfect for all animal lovers. These easy nail designs are simple to create and suitable for nail art beginners, as I show each nail art design step by step. These animals on nails can be drawn on long or short nails and all these nail art designs can be made at home. No need to visit a nail salon for a nail art like these cute animals! I love nail art and I love animals, to combine both have been so much fun and teach how to pain your nails with 5 cute animals was awesome! Hope many of you enjoy this nail art tutorial and maybe I film a second nail art of animals nail art designs.If you paint your nails with these adorable animals, I’m sure all your friends in school and at home will love it! 🙂

I use different nail art tools to paint all 5 animals nail art designs — Only toothpick for cow nails; nail art striper, art brush and nail art dotting tools for Panda nails; Toothpick and art brush for flamingo nail art; Art brush and nail art dotting tools for bee nail art; Scotch tape, q-tip and nail art dotting tools for owl nails. Further, I use just a nail polish brush to draw many shapes, so you might find some ideas for no tools nail art designs. I also have some funny moments in this nail tutorial as I join all 5 funny, cute animals in dancing, talking and weird moves.

For the panda nail art design in the bamboo forest start you need a couple of green nail polish shades, a black and a white nail polish for the panda. First draw a bamboo forest and then a cute little panda on top for a gorgeous panda nail art design. The design looks amazing if you draw bamboo forest on all the nails and a panda on the ring finger for an accent nail art.

The next nail art design is perfect for beginners, and you only need a toothpick to create it. It is a cow nail art! You need a white, black and a pink nail polish. I love that this nail art design is so simple to create but looks so cool in the end.

In this nail art tutorial I also show how to create a flamingo nail design. I love the combination of minty green and pinks, which make for the perfect spring and summer nail art design. I think the flamingo design would look perfect as an accent to the solid pink and minty green manicure.

Next is an adorable owl nail design. My owl is a bit different as I decided to use bright colors, like pink and blue. To make the nail art designs neat I use a tape, which is a great tool in nail art. I love how this nail art design turned out, so colorful, fun and cute.

In this nail tutorial I also show how to create a honey bee nail art design. This design requires some freehand nail drawing but the result is so cute. Beside a bee, I also drew a bee’s path and two pink flowers.

Remember that all animals are cute and beautiful and we should respect them and treat as we would like to be treated. Animals have feelings just like people do! Help remove animal abuse from our beautiful planet.

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Songs used in the animals nail art:
1) Funny Children
2) Be Happy
3) Happy Family
4) Happy Time
All 3 from Antarctic – music. Check more of his great music at
5) Flamingo sound effect by UanGuz (
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