Cool Easy Polka Dot Nail Art By

Cool Easy Polka Dot Nail Art By

Cool Easy Polka Dot Nail Art By –
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Stay in vogue with the latest trend and fashion with this creative and quirky Cool Easy Polka Dot nail Art. With easy to follow steps and minimum resources, this nail art is can be all yours which lets you show off your distinctive style with a fashionable poise.

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Step 1
Base paint index fingernail with dark green color

Step 2
Now with the help of white shade and a fine brush, draw circular dots on the nail.

Step 3
Now again with the same shade and brush, draw a boundary around at least 3 dots as shown in the video.

Step 4
Now starting off with a base coat of sky blue color on the middle finger and following similar procedure, make white dots in a diagonal direction filling up almost the whole space.

Step 5
Now on the ring finger, put on the base coat of yellow. Now, again with the help of black shade and a brush, make circular patterns filling up the space as shown in the video.

Step 6
On the little, apply the base coat of dark orange and using black color, make small circles and subsequently fill them up with the same shade. Thereafter, make small dots in between the space left by circles.

Step 7
Base shade the thumb nail with pink color and following a similar method as done above, make a beeline of small dots from the base of the nail till its top. Now, make similar lines of black dots on the right side reducing in intensity till you make very fine dots.

Step 8
Follow a likewise procedure, make a similar pattern as above, this time with white shade towards the left side of the thumbnail.

Step 9
Punctuate the final look by pasting glittering stars on the skin towards the base of the nail with the help of glue.

Your exquisite and iconic Cool Easy Polka Dot Nail Art is all ready. In these easy and simple steps, within just 10 minutes, you can have this cool nail art design.

Your elegant and fashionable Chess Board Nail Art design is set to rock on your nails. Carrying a stupendous and classic charm, this nail art also matches with a lot of your trendy costumes. So stop waiting and start painting this contemporary design now with this simple tutorial.

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