Spring Birthday Nails! | Ty's Soft Pink Flower Nail Art

Spring Birthday Nails! | Ty's Soft Pink Flower Nail Art

Spring Birthday Nails! | Ty's Soft Pink Flower Nail Art –
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Basecoat: Dazzledry (or your favorite)
Polish: (any thin french pink) I used Peacefully me Dazzledry
Topcoat: Dazzledry Mattie or a Matte Polish. (I love wet n wild matte)
(THEY DONT PAY ME TO SAY THIS.Please tell them I shouted them out so they will do the same!)
Paints: Delta ceramcoat, Applebarrel and Folkart
Colors used: (Craft Acrylic) orange, green, pink and white.
Glitter: Mac reflects gold, golddrift or any clear shiny sheer glitter you have!
(all colors can be YOUR #nailart favorites, I teach the TECHNIQUE and not the #nails here. I do not promote companies selling products and I do not have many ‘must haves’, I just LOVE #handpaintednails !!)
I get support through selling our brush I created JUST for these tutorials that we all use. I made them to paint together using the same tool.
Spreading the word supports my channel, so please be kind and give art to anyone you know who would love it! Always give credit to anyone you copy and MOST OF ALL, have fun.
This design was for my daughters birthday.
She was wonderful to have here and I hope these last her a long time and I hope you guys like these. I didnt cut out anything and show today a pink watercolor like floral that is very nude and airy but gives a wonderful feminine vibe that can last a very long time. there is nothing at the tip to chip away so the nails stay fresh throughout your mani. Have a great week! As always, you can find the playlists that most go with this look attached at the end of the video!

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