White cushion nailart tutorial | Easy cute nail design idea

White cushion nailart tutorial | Easy cute nail design idea

White cushion nailart tutorial | Easy cute nail design idea –
Check out this Easy Glitter Nail Art Tutorial video, dont forget to tweet us your designs.

This design is a lot easier than it looks.
When I saw this leather squishy sofa with rhinestones I took a picture of it and immediately came up with idea that I need to recreate this look on the nails!
Try this design. I’m sure you’ll love it cause it is fast and easy.

1. File the shape, prep the nail.
2. Using 240 grit buffer take off the surface shine.
3. Apply Base Coat. Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds
4. Apply first layer of white gel polish.
5. Cure in LED lamp for 60 seconds
6. Apply top coat.
7. Cure in LED lamp for 60 seconds
8. Take off the sticky layer if your top coat got one. Apply lines of the striping tape.
9. Liberally apply clear acrylic powder. Remove the stripes.
10. Cure in LED lamp for 60-120 seconds
11. Add some holo glitter or rhinestones in the intersections of the lines. Cure in LED lamp for 60 seconds

White cushion nail design is ready!

♡Products I used:
Balance Bond by NSI
White gel polish
NSI Polish Pro Base Coat Plus
Gel polish top coat
Bronze striping tape
Attraction Totally Clear acrylic powder
Holo glitter

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in a comments below.

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