Spring Floral Nails 2017 | Gel Polish | Nails Art Tutorial

Spring Floral Nails 2017 | Gel Polish | Nails Art Tutorial

Spring Floral Nails 2017 | Gel Polish | Nails Art Tutorial –
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How to create gel polish floral nails for spring 2017.

This video will teach you how to add flowers to your gel manicure. it is very easy and there is not a of curing. I cured once when I started the nail art. While I do struggle with flower nails I think this set cam out very pretty and I hope it inspires you try something that you are not necessarily good at; but you put for a good effort and learn how to master it.

This is an easy nail art tutorial for beginners and also those who are advanced nail technicians or nail enthusiast.

I used gel polish because I love the quick drying time and I love that you can add different elements to the nail to make it look more interesting and bold. Gel Polish is forgiving, if you make a mistake you can fix it before you cure. Using gel polish can make your next manicure look professionally serviced. Also gel polish manicure can last 2 to 3 weeks, depending how fast your nails grow and/or your daily activities. Did I mention I love the quick drying time!!!

Info to gel nail art work

Tools Needed:
You can use UV gel cured polish or LED gel cured polish. The brand I used can be cured in both LED and UV lamps.
Long stripping brush
1 Color Gel for base color
6 gel paint colors
micro beads

Brands and Colors Used:
IBD just gel
Akzentz gel paints
pearls and micro beads are from amazon

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