Wild Flower Nails | Hand Painted Spring Flower Nail Art Design 2018 GOAT

Wild Flower Nails | Hand Painted Spring Flower Nail Art Design 2018 GOAT

Wild Flower Nails | Hand Painted Spring Flower Nail Art Design 2018 GOAT –
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Up for Wednesday!!!! A field of wild flowers on your fingertips that can be done for pennies. Its fun, inexpensive, fast and easy to do for beginners at nail art and PERFECT for spring weddings, coachella, festivals and anything hippie and boho for 2018! A great start for artists who want to begin learning spring flowers. I have done this nail design for DECADES! For more like them, search robin moses wild flower nail art on Youtube or look in my flower playlist! In Las Vegas, these flowers grow wild everywhere and what I saw most of growing up. It takes me to my roots and was a favorite of my clients. Please try this design or have a #robinmoseswildflower collab on instagram for #spriingcollabs and show me what you are doing by tagging me @robinmosesnailart and #inspiredbyrobinmoses on instagram! I cant wait to start sharing things with you more. If you are reading this, please tell everyone because I had been hiding a bit for a few years because of a number of reasons but I have found my path…..Now it is time to show you some new stuff that ties in tons of what I had intended on created at the beginning of my journey, but couldnt…I was not strong enough. My PERSONAL goal is to teach girls who need mentors and wondered who would help me, who cared and what mattered most and I found that I am the change I want to see! So try this beautiful white flower nail art design with the long flowing green reeds and leaves with a matte topcoat finish for the perfect spring GOAT nails! (greatest of all time) and for me, these ARE one of the greats…..they have launched 1000 ships, thats for sure and for the first time, I am proud of my work. Thank you to everyone who helps me while they have fun….Its rare and I love you guys.

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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