Batman [Freehand Nail Art]

Batman [Freehand Nail Art]

Batman [Freehand Nail Art] –
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How to paint Batman on your nails with nail polish and acrylic paint.
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I usually use my thumb for the video, so you can’t really see the whole design, but this way it isn’t too long and boring and you still get the idea.

DIY Peel-off base coat
OPI Alpine Snow
OPI Lady in Black
OPI Matte Top Coat
Acrylic Paint
Roubloff #00, #0 and #1 brushes
(Please use GOOGLE if you want to know where to buy them, I buy my supplies at local stores.)

I usually don’t use stickers, stamping, decals or anything mechanical, I prefer freehand micropainting and I see every nail like a tiny canvas.

Protect your cuticles with peel off base coat or liquid latex or anything you like to use. Or you can make a mess and clean up later, that’s always an option 😉


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