Prime MATTE Black And White Marble Nails Manicure Tutorial – Amazing Nail Art Compilation?

Prime MATTE Black And White Marble Nails Manicure Tutorial - Amazing Nail Art Compilation?

Prime MATTE Black And White Marble Nails Manicure Tutorial – Amazing Nail Art Compilation? –
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Prime MATTE Black And White Marble Nails Manicure Tutorial – Amazing Nail Art Compilation – Best Nail Transformations. This video demonstrates medical treatment, performed by a professional. Real life, real situations, real learning.

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These Videos Are Taken From Instagram page Selfie Beauty Club

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Products Used :

1- For Nail Polishes And Tools

2- For Tools And Nail Polishes

3- For Sanitizing And Cleaning

4- For Electric Nail File

5. Cuticle softner oil

6. For Design Gel

7. Pro Health Base Coat

8. For LED Light

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Another video of nail before and after :

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