Ombre Nail Art Tutorial Using Acrylic Paint

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial Using Acrylic Paint

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial Using Acrylic Paint –
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I had a lot of questions on how I do gradients on instagram and my Sunset Forest nail design. I like to use acrylic paint and a makeup sponge for gradients. For me it blends better and the paint doesn’t dry on the sponge as fast as nail polish does. If you don’t have acrylic paint, you can still use nail polish. Hope this is helpful and thanks for watching!

1)Paint your nails white and allow them to dry.
2)Create 3 stripes of color on a makeup sponge. I blended the lines on the sponge also.
3)Sponge on a thin layer.
4)Add more paint to the sponge and create more layers until it looks well blended and opaque (I used 3 for this design).
5)Clean off the excess paint using water and a q-tip or paper towel etc.
6)Add a top coat.
Hope this is helpful! ?
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Products Used:
-Pure Ice Super Star
-Makeup Sponge
-3 shades of pink acrylic paint (nail polish will work also if you don’t have acrylic paint)
-Small Brush
-Butter London Hardwear Top Coat
(On one of my nails I’m wearing a silver polish called Toast by Wet n Wild and a glitter polish I made over it using the Fantasy Makers confetti. Any silver and glitter polish will work though!)

Music: music by Dan-o at
All products used were paid for by me

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