Man Mowing the Moon Nails | Minimalist Nail Art Design Tutorial

Man Mowing the Moon Nails | Minimalist Nail Art Design Tutorial

Man Mowing the Moon Nails | Minimalist Nail Art Design Tutorial –
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Hello! Here is a minimalist type of nail design inspired by Enkel Dika called mown and reacreated by me. GIVE CREDIT if you copy as I do not know this person, but they deserve love from our sisterhood! Gorgeous and amazing Stars fill the sky with a moon man actually mowing the moon with a lawnmower on a dark blue night sky with holo glitter and that’s all! Just a fun way to practice painting figures by hand while having fun exploring space, time and nail art! I upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so please subscribe and hit the bell so you are alerted when I have new uploads so you can keep up with trends, ideas and a wonderful community of women who respect hand painted nails and all we do to support each other in our industry instead of competing and beating each other down. This is the new way of nail art and I am super proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of people! Let’s keep growing, painting and keeping it real! I am a niche nail art channel and I try and show you techniques using inexpensive materials while you learn your craft. After you learn you will learn all the luxury items that add to nail art but I want you to feel as if you CAN DO THIS…it takes so much patience and practice but it is a great job that can be a wonderful career or a hobby that never gets boring or old. My love to you guys! Please spread the word and join me below! You will find this design in the cartoon and logo playlist!
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