Basic Diagonal Striped Nail Art Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux

Basic Diagonal Striped Nail Art Tutorial - Violet LeBeaux

Basic Diagonal Striped Nail Art Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux –
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Basic tutorial on striping nails made for my blog. It is a very basic technique and requires a long thin nail art brush.

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Striped nail art tutorials.
What you need:
base colour polish (light green), white nail polish, clear polish, thin long nail art brush.
First thing is to clean and prep your nails.
If you use a base coat apply this now.
Lay down a base coat of colour.
I used 2 coats to get a smooth finish.
Wait until the polish is completely dry.
This is the type of nail art brush you need.
It’s long, thin and flexible.
Clean your brush and dip it in white polish.
Starting from the furtherest side of the nail, gently drag the brush diagonally from one side of the nail to the other.
Repeat on either side until the whole thing is covered.
It’s easier to place the whole brush on the nail and gently drag the nail away to great perfect lines.
Add a clear top coat and you’re all done!
This style looks particularly nice with jewels or stickers added over the top.
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